Our Technologies

Industrial installations and power plants experience daily challenges in keeping production at consistent levels. XCT Cleaning Technologies is a leading provider in Africa of industrial gas expansion cleaning solutions. The methods ensure the safe and effective cleaning and de-fouling of boilers, combustion chambers and other industrial equipment, while the plant remains fully operational.

Linear Blasting

This method is supplied using a lance attached to a shockwave device in the boiler through an
existing opening. This device is released in a controlled environment.

This system is used for both offline and online cleaning of boilers, furnaces, empty passes, superheaters, and
economizers. With this technology, we create a very high safety factor.

Liquid CO2

This method blasts liquid CO2 inside an oven or kiln under ultra-high pressure, destroying build-up exactly where it occurs, while leaving the brick lining intact. Compared to conventional methods, this system is also quick, efficient and cost-saving. For instance, in just six to eight hours, the system can remove a build-up of 10 m without sending any personnel into the kiln.

The development of this system was born out of a need for industrial clients to keep their material moving as efficiently as possible. At every stage of their operation, build-up and chokes can shut them down. Changing raw material conditions and the rising amount of secondary fuel components are leading to more unwanted deposits and build-up, with the expensive consequences of productions losses and extended downtime.

This innovative system has been specifically engineered to remove build-up during production, requiring little or no shut-down time and feed reduction.

Rope Access

Rope Access provides many benefits compared to traditional access methods (scaffolding and cradles). This technology works from confined spaces like silos, boilers, high-rise buildings, and towers to complicated steel installations.

Cost-effective, it’s economical because access is gained faster. Less labor costs as fewer personnel are required to accomplish the completion of a job, thus reducing downtime dramatically and subsequently increasing the safety factor. In comparison to scaffolding, rope access is up to 70% cheaper and saves time to design and construction.

Rope access is both safe and effective in clearing blockages and hangups. A rope access team can be mobilized instantly, with minimal disruption and planning. Rope access systems and equipment can be installed and dismantled instantaneously.

Environmentally friendly, has minimal effect on surrounding environments compared to traditional methods. Safe, independently certified technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest jobs in the construction industry.

Camera Surveillance (Pre and Post Operation)

Our specialized camera and recording system can resist temperatures up to 1400 Degrees Celsius and is able to take 360 Degrees surveillance of the inside of a boiler. This camera was developed to show our performance to our customers and determine the quality of our work.

We will determine the most appropriate method of shockwave cleaning for each client using our unique camera system, enabling online camera images. This allows pre-inspections and post-inspections of build-ups.

Quality, Health & Safety

Our technology originates from abroad; hence we have trained locals, bringing specialists from Europe to transfer the skills. All employees are trained according to a determined training program. The required competencies are reviewed per work instruction and function level within a complete
assessment. Our teams are certified internally as the requirements in the training program are fulfilled. An employee is only allowed to perform at the competencies he is certified and qualified for. Every employee is audited annually on gained competencies. To guarantee a worldwide clear uni-vocal work procedure, all training, assessments, certification, and auditing are performed under the responsibility of the management of Xstream Cleaning Technologies, situated in Pretoria.

We have a safe working system, we do General Risk Assessment, and our Standard Operation
Procedures are available upon request. We comply to all Safety and Health Requirements.

During the past 8 years of operation, we have not had one incident, which needed to be reported to
the institution of Occupational Safety and Health South Africa (IOSH SA).