Keep your boilers clean through out the whole year whilst running on full load

About Us


Since its establishment in 2013 in South Africa, Xstream Cleaning Technologies (PTY) Ltd
has become a market leader in preventive cleaning by a method of controlled shockwave

Xstream Cleaning teams are available 24/7.


Our Technologies

Linear Blasting

This system is used for
both offline and online cleaning of boilers, furnaces, empty passes, superheaters, and economizers..

Liquid CO2

This innovative system has been specially engineered to remove build-up during production,
requiring little or no shutdown time or feed reduction.

Rope Access

This technology works from confined spaces like silos, boilers, high-rise
buildings, and towers to complicated steel installations.

Camera Surveillance (Pre and Post Operation)

This allows
pre-inspections and post-inspections of build-ups.

Our Technology is the only guaranteed solution enabling complete industrial cleaning of the installation (while it remains in full production at extreme temperatures) without shutdowns or stopping.


Our executive team proved to add huge financial value by increasing the efficiency and availability of your site/plant by removing build-ups timeously. This allows the smooth operation of your plant/ site, avoiding long shutdown periods and costly maintenance.

Our dedicated teams offers monitoring, predictive analysis, advice and guidance to avoid build-ups. XCT is able to be onsite within ± 4 hours. We improve your availability and efficiency. We can clean boilers and silos without having to enter the installation even if it is on full load.

Let Xstream Cleaning Technologies be your efficient cleaning partner.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve

landscape, open pit mining, mining

Coal Silos and any built up areas

Kilns and Clinkers

Boilers, Silos, Ash Hoppers and ESP’S

Where we have worked in South Africa

  • Eskom Kriel
  • Eskom Tutuka
  • Eskom Majuba
  • Lafarge Lichtenburg
  • Sepakhu Lichtenburg
  • Mamba Thabazimbi
  • Versuvius Olifantsfontein
  • PPC Hercules