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Cleaning and Maintenance Service, to Power, Cement and Process Industries

When it Comes to Cost-Efficiency, No Downtime & Reliability!

The linear cleaning technology is the only guaranteed solution enabling complete industrial cleaning of the installation (while it remains in full production at extreme temperatures) without shutdown or stop.

We specialize in the online cleaning of boilers, kilns, silos, cyclones and clinkers. The cleaning is done while the plant remains in full production and at extreme temperatures. How can this be accomplished? Through our On-Line Cleaning System, while working from outside of the unit, through access doors or viewing ports, XCT Technicians direct our telescopic tooling which delivers the explosive cleaning charge to the targeted boiler or deposit.

Upon controlled detonation, portions of the deposit are fractured from surfaces without disturbing the unit’s integrity. This process is repeated in grid patterns and at different elevations until the cleaning objective is met. On-line Cleaning can enhance boiler efficiency, extend running cycles and correct unfavorable fouling conditions whether moderate or severe. Our equipment is developed and assembled in-house and is therefore exclusive to XCT.