About XStream Cleaning Technologies


Our technology originates from Europe and has proven efficiency all over the world since 1998. From Europe, the USA, Australia, and Asia, it’s the most efficient technology to improve the productivity and availability of various installations.

We are experts in controlled shockwave cleaning in the centre of contaminated/built-up areas. Through these methods, we ensure the safe, effective cleaning, de-fouling of boilers, combustion chambers, and other industrial parts while the plant remains in full operation.

Mobilization Time

Xstream Cleaning Technologies has a fully equipped fleet of vehicles which, together with our experienced teams, can be on site within ± 4 hours from call out time. We prefer to work on a regular maintenance schedule which allows our client to schedule work processes or downtime.

Our client database has grown from Power Stations to Cement Plants and comparable installations. Our systems have proven to find a solution for the most challenging blockages. Most paramount for our customers is that we can guarantee an improvement on their plant availability and efficiency.

Xstream Cleaning teams are available 24/7.