Projects We Worked on


The Cement silo had heavy build-up all the way to the top.  XCTSA cleared the blockage in 3 shifts. 

Kriel Power Station

The Boiler had build up in inside. XCTSA removed 300 tons of build up within 15 shifts. 


XCTSA has designed special sockets for the purpose of hard to reach areas. At Vesuvius we service the kiln frequently and here we simply open each socket and clear where required and close again once the blockage is removed.  This socket can be installed into a silo or hopper for the same purpose.


Lethabo Power Station

Post blast clinker removal.

Customers who used our services in South Africa

  • Eskom Kriel Power Station
  • Eskom Tutuka Power Station
  • Eskom Majuba Power Station
  • Eskom Letabo Power Station
  •  Lafarge Cement
  • Sepakhu Cement
  • Mamba Cement
  • Vesuvius
  • PPC Cement