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About Us

Twenty years ago, a Dutch entrepreneur established a company called On-Line Cleaning BV which focused on cleaning Steam Boilers while they are in operation. On-Line Cleaning BV grew to have operations in the rest of Europe, the United States of America and Asia.

It has 28 offices in America and a presence in Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark within Europe; and operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. Subsequently the company was and its patents was sold to a Consortium of American and European investors.

In 2014, a similar operation was established in South Africa together with local investors which operates as Xstream Cleaning Technologies (Pty) Limited also known as (XCT).

We are experts in controlled detonative cleaning in the centre of the contaminated/build up areas. This allows removal of fouling and other deposits immediately, to increase the installations efficiency. Safe and secure operation are crucial fundamentals to making sure clients plants operate effectively and efficiently.

Industrial installations, mines, power and cement plants experience daily challenges in keeping production at consistent levels. XCT is a leading provider in Africa of industrial detonative cleaning solutions. The methods ensure the safe and effective cleaning and de-fouling of boilers, combustion chambers and other industrial equipment, while the plant remains fully operational.

XCT cleans boilers as well as remove clinker build-up while the industrial boiler is running on full load. Due to this technology, a power station can avoid huge and costly downtime. The equipment is developed and assembled in-house and is therefore exclusive to XCT.

What is our competitive advantage?

XCT ensures:

* No shut down – plant availability is maintained

* No start-up/shut down fuel bills

* No extra ash disposal costs

* No expensive manual cleaning costs

* No odour release – bunker remains under negative pressure

* Waste processing capacity is unaffected

* No waste diversion

* Generation is unaffected

* Overall plant efficiency and availability is improved

* H&S risks associated with shut down are avoided

Mobilisation Time

± 4 hours call out time

depending on the distance of the site.


Our executive team within our organization believes we can add huge financial value by increasing the efficiency and availability of your organisation by removing build ups timeously.

Our dedicated team offers condition monitoring and predictive analysis as well as planning, supervision and full cleaning service.

Insurance and liability

Available upon request.

Additionally, our technology can also be employed to save time and money during shut downs with the following benefits:

* Reduced manual cleaning requirements

* Done before shut-down or during cooling cycle – no waiting time

* Ash disposed of through normal ash transport system

* Ensures safe access for operator and contractors

* Avoids delays caused by reliance on manual methods

* An effective precursor to manual cleaning

Industries we have worked at:

* Mines- Coal silos, any built up areas

* Cement plants- Kilns and clinkers

* Power plants- Boilers, Silos, Ash Hoppers

Customers Who Have Used Our Services in South Africa

* Eskom Kriel Power Station

* Eskom Tutuka Power Station

* Eskom Majuba Power Station

* Eskom Letabo Power Station

* Lafarge Cement

* Sepakhu Cement

* Mamba Cement

* Vesuvius

* PPC Cement